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Celebrating another year

We are officially one year, fully launched and running.

We establish a food consulting company to help our clients learn and obtain the help they need to manage food safety programs well. We want to eliminate the excuses of not having resources as a reason for food safety failure and recall. 

This one year is very significant to us. We have

  • helped more than 10 companies build and upgrade their food safety plan, understand their food safety gap, register and complied with SFC requirements and open their food businesses.
  • Guided a few small food start-ups on how to get started with their food business.
  • Through webinars, we have also shared how to comply with SFCR regulations and the benefits of food safety programs and workshops for food safety culture development and goal setting.
  • Partnering with our partner, we have helped virtually assess and help a bakery navigate through their quality issues

We are grateful for all the supports and trusts that have been given to us to assist food companies in starting up and grow their impact around the world.

The pandemic situation made us stronger in building a strong supply chain. We see local and global communities work together to ensure we have a safe and strong food supply chain.

Embracing the challenges and reformation from the COVID-19 made us truly think about globalization and what is next and upcoming for food production trends? I have rewritten my thoughts about feeding the future, and undoubtedly, the food scientists worldwide are innovating new foods daily. We will definitely have more food choices tomorrow compared to today.

So, how will food safety changes over time? Today alone, we are talking about consumer’s choices and rights, regulatory changes locally and globally, the use of artificial intelligence to gather data and perform food safety audits and consulting.

Comparing today with last year, COVID-19 has turned virtual work and communication into the new “normal.” We are taking advantage of the virtual work experiences to help our clients faster and more efficiently and at a smaller cost, saving travel and accommodation costs.

All this wouldn’t be possible without your support. So, THANK YOU. In the upcoming years, we hope to continue to educate and support our food community to grow and build strong trust foundations and food safety culture. Together, we can build trusted food brands and place food safety forward. 

To 🍾 celebrate our one year and many more years to go, we are running a “Get to Know Us campaign.” Here are two ways for you to enter the draw.
  1. Sign up for our newsletter and get a chance to spin for a prize. Get a prize instantly when you sign up.
  2. Follow, like and share any of our social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Enter for a special prize draw to be drawn on Dec 15, 2020, just in time for Christmas 🎄.

Prizes up for draw:

  • Discount codes on our virtual products (up to 25%)
  • SFCR Template
  • SQF 9.0 Template (NEW!)
  • Virtual Food Consulting Services and packages
  • Food Photography/Branding Services
  • and many more ..
Most of our services are completed virtually. Our regular terms and conditions for virtual services apply.

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