Case Study 1: Meet HACCP and SFC license requirements within 3 months | SFPM CONSULTING

  • Client’s Background and Challenges
  • Project Overview and Objectives:
  • Our Process
  • Benefit to Our Client
  • Result

Take one of our clients in the bakery, who have 3 months before a food safety audit, seeking help to meet food safety audit requirements. In addition, they also needed to prepare a Preventative Control Plan and Customer Protection Plan to meet and apply for Safe Food for Canadian license.

Some of their challenges include:

  • Neglected Supplier Approval Program and other pre-requisite programs (i.e. documented procedures not being implemented or documented)
  • Absence of food safety team
  • Key personnel turnover in multiple departments
  • The missing link between developed HACCP program that relies on poorly implemented pre-requisites programs
  • Re-establish food safety programs to meet customer audit and regulatory requirements, focusing on HACCP development, allergen and traceability program.
  • Educating and training key personnel to implement developed food safety programs.
  1. Systematic reviews of food safety programs/procedures
  2. Develop food safety team
  3. Establish a working HACCP program
  4. Re-establish food safety programs to support the HACCP program
  5. Employee training and support
  • Food Safety Team Development -putting food safety programs into a team approach
  • Establishment of Allergen and Traceability program from ingredient receiving throughout the processing to the product shipment to direct customer.
  • Establishment of food safety programs based on the client’s and best industry’s practices

In the process,

  • We set procedures for best food safety practices for the employees and the management team, removing the bad practices that may lead to product withdrawal and recall
  • Define records flow that will assist food safety investigation and tracking for withdrawal/recall
  • Set the base of food safety culture to promote employee engagement in day-to-day food safety management.

The client successfully pass the food safety audit within 3 months and received their SFC license.

Customer and regulatory requirements are met.

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Research and Development time for Food Safety Programs, Procedures and Form Development
Your time cost
Average cost of recall is $10 million
Average cost of an audit is CAD 3000-5000. Repeating an audit double the cost.
Total CAD