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November 28, 2020by Felicia Loo

Tight on budget. Wish you can upgrade your food safety and traceability program?

Check out these food safety fundings available to help advance your food safety program

Food Safety Fundings

Food Safety Funding Webinar with SFPM Consulting and Fair Grant Writing
Boost Your Food Safety Process and Profitability with Government Grant Funding
SFPM Consulting and Fair Grant Writing are pleased to invite you to join us for this webinar.

We will examine tips and best practices for grants and fundings as well as upgrading your food safety program.

– Transitioning from HACCP to GFSI
– Enhancing GFSI compliance to protect branding and reap the Return on Investment
– Relationship between food safety program investments and process improvements
– Grants and funding best practices for food safety planning and investment

Upcoming Fundings

Traceability Value Chain


  • Cost-sharing up to 75% for CAD 75, 000

Examples of how you can use the fundings

  • Purchase and installation of traceability hardware:
    • Radio Frequency Identification or barcode readers
    • Dedicated computer terminals
    • Label printers
    • Wireless or wired connectivity within the enterprise, as required for the traceability system
  • Incremental costs (up to 50%) for lease/rental/purchase of a computer terminal to be used to house a traceability database where the operation has no computer and if it is part of the traceability system
  • Incremental costs (up to 50%) for the purchase of multi-use handheld electronic devices to support a traceability system
  • Purchase and installation of traceability software
  • Staff training by vendor (preferred) or approved consultant
  • Consultant fees for assessing, planning and/or implementing the projects

Upcoming Fundings

BC Post Farm Food Safety Program


  • Cost-sharing to provide food businesses up to CAD 20, 000 for food safety improvements.
  • Available Oct 2018 to Feb 28, 2023.

Examples of how you can use the fundings

  • Identify and document food safety risks through a gap-assessment or pre-audit
  • Implement Food Safety Activities;
  • Get food safety improvement services
  • Upgrade your facility and equipment
  • Achieve a third-party HACCP based Audit

How we can Help?

SFPM Consulting can help to provide consultation and project management service to

Traceability Program

  • Gap assessment for the traceability program
  • Personnel Training
  • Help in the implementation process eg. identification of challenges and solutions

Food Safety Program

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    by Felicia Loo

    Felicia Loo, CFS, is a Certified Food Scientist and registered SQF Consultant. Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BSc. Food Science along with a minor in Commerce, she is keen to help small and medium food business thrive in their food safety management system (i.e. meeting Return of Investment for investment on food safety program). She has worked with numerous food businesses, including natural health products, bakeries and desserts, fruit juices production, fresh produce, confectionery and many more to develop customized and improved food safety programs. She has worked with different food safety and regulatory schemes such as SQF, ISO 22000, Primus GFS, Organic, Kosher and Health Canada (Natural Health Product).