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How to Start a Food Business?
  1. Meet provincial requirements. In British Columbia, it includes developing a food safety plan and sanitation plan. These plans must be submitted to the local provincial health authority.
  2. Determine if you need an SFC license -usually required if you are conducting high-risk operations, inter-provincial trading, export and import. Click this link to determine if you need an SFC license

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Food Safety Plan, HACCP and beyond

What is a Food Safety Plan?

A Food Safety Plan refers to a plan that documents the ingredients, processing and the production flows and their relevant hazards, risks and mitigation strategies.

What’s the difference between a basic Food Safety Plan and an HACCP plan?

The basic food safety plan is a simpler version, less comprehensive food safety plan that considers mostly the process control but less of the entire processing environment.

HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is a systematic program that is based on 12 steps and 7 principles. A properly developed HACCP plan helps you to determine the hazards and risk levels for the ingredients, processes process flow and processing environments. The HACCP forms also allow you to identify not just the critical control point but other pre-requisite programs that assist with the food safety risk mitigation strategies

What’s about CFIA PCP plan and US FSMA PCP plan?

The CFIA Safe Food for Canadian Requirements for Preventative Control Plan (CFIA PCP) or US Food Safety Modernization Preventative Control Plan is derived from a HACCP plan concept. However, it is documented in a small variation.

To give you an example, the CFIA SFC PCP plan is controlled through the PCP section requirements instead of pre-requisite programs. The specific sections refer to a sub-element of the pre-requisite program.

The US FSMA plan focuses on the different process controls, namely Process PC, Allergen PC, Sanitation PC and Supply Chain PC.

All of the food safety plan, HACCP plan and PCP plan are based on risk assessment.

*Note that we are strictly discussing the PCP for manufacturing. The PCP plan for importers has a different format.

Understanding Your Role for Food Safety

As a food manufacturer, distributor etc, you are RESPONSIBLE to ensure that the food that you sell to your customer is SAFE and meets the appropriate REGULATIONS!

This rule applies no matter if you are making the food or bringing the food from another manufacturer or distributor, for sale.

Remember, if there is any issues with food safety, your customer and regulatory agencies LOOOOKK FOR YOU and not your suppliers.

Having a proper supplier approval program is necessary.

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