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Revamping food safety programs

Case Story 1Revamping Existing Food Safety Program to meet HACCP and Supplier Certification Audit

A Ready-to-Eat facility had a challenge, where their pre-existing food safety program is not properly documented and implemented and their audit is 3 months away
The Overview
The RTE facility has existing food safety programs that are not customized to the site's operations and are not properly implemented. We are tasked to revamp the food safety programs and food safety plans to meet the Safe Food for Canadian Regulations and third-party audit requirements.
The Result
The facility successfully passed their recertification audit after 3.5 months. The food safety programs are in compliance with the requirements of the Safe Food for Canadian Regulations.

Our Process

Step 1: Food Safety Gap Assessment

We run a gap assessment, reviewing the program deficiency and the extent of food safety program development required to meet both regulatory and third-party audit requirements.

Step 2: HACCP Plan Development

We assist to build food safety plan based on CODEX principles for HACCP development including building a food safety team. We trained the food safety team and assist in developing a detailed HACCP plan, encompassing input from the HACCP team.

In building the HACCP program, we also include the regulatory requirements for the Safe Food for Canadian regulations that is in full effect on July 15, 2020

Step 3: Food Safety Program Development

We worked with the local food safety team to capture their process and build a customized food safety programs according to the site + regulatory requirements. To name a few, we assist with setting up the supplier approval program and traceability systems.

Step 4: Employee Training

We conducted employee food safety training and specific training to ensure the new programs are followed and implemented.

Step 5: Audit Preparation and Support

Pre-audit: We assist the local team in reviewing documents and records to ensure all non-conformances are identified, and corrective actions are in-place.

During audit: We are present to support the local team, for technical food safety program development questions.

The RTE facility passed their recertification audit successfully within 3 months

The RTE facility passed their recertification audit successfully within 3 months

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