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We receive a lot of inquiries here at SFPM Consulting. So, we thought it would be handy to share the answer to the common questions here.
How we are different?


We help our clients to get the return on investment for their food safety program investment.

The biggest difference that we make is we help our clients to build in "process improvements" and "food safety culture" from Day #1.
Tuum est means, “It’s yours, and it’s up to you.” We provide solutions based on your needs.

Our consultants engage with our potential clients to understand and provide solutions based on needs and budget.

Whether you want to build a portion of your program and full spectrum of your food safety programs, we have the solutions.
The inspection and auditing realm is about being audit ready. Whether it is a regulatory audit or third party audit for HACCP, SQF, or FSSC 22000, our goals are to help you be audit ready at all time.
Effective Operational Process starts from trained employees that know what to do, when to say something and report issues.

We preach on employee training and have been proud to be able to offer customizable food safety training that meets your food safety programs needs.
Food Safety Culture Training

Have you heard of our unique food safety culture training? It is so powerful because it engages senior management and the food safety team at a round table to

  • Take out the guesswork and
  • Build the foundation for food safety culture.
In food safety, we often spend time dealing with the "fire-fighting". Things doesn't have to be that way.

We offer optimization strategy building session to help you brain-storm and figure out how to optimize your process so that you have more time overseeing and not fire-fighting.

The benefits of hiring a
Food Safety Consultant

There are many food safety guidance and SOP available online but ask yourself, how much it cost to do it YOURSELF? Your time is $$$.
Do you need a food safety or SQF consultant?

There is no requirement for a food facility to hire an SQF consultant to pass a food safety audit. However, many food facilities have challenges with keeping up with the SQF certification and recertification requirements.

A Registered SQF consultant, in this instance, will be able to help provide guidance and assistance to meet the program requirements.

What is the Role of an SQF Consultant?

A registered SQF Consultant can help

  • Food facilities to find the best way to build, implement and manage your food safety management system
  • Provide confidential information on food safety threats
  • Keep you updated with updates in the local regulatory and SQF requirements

An SQF Consultant can only help with providing suggestions and considerations for the advice. We do not make decisions on your behalf. You will still retain your decision power.

How does the process work?

Every business is unique. All of our consultant at SFPM Consulting is empowered to teach and guide on-site staff to manage food safety programs. You pay us the up-front cost to teach and coach your team so we can charge you less.

However, some fairly common steps include the following:

  • Initial discussion to understand your business needs.
  • We provide a GAP Analysis to determine your company’s needs.
  • Provide ongoing support with guidance and suggestions, so you know what to expect.

Depending on how we structure the project, you should expect to spend anywhere from 10-30 hours on the process over the course of a typical engagement.

How can I keep and pass the certification?

The most challenging journey wasn’t passing the initial certification. It is keeping and passing the recertification when all your customer eye’s on getting your upcoming certificate. Working long hours just before the audit to get it right? Chances are you are not able to make the cut because we cannot recreate missing records.

What other services that SFPM Consulting provide?

Food safety professionals wear many hats in a food facility and may be overwhelmed with their tasks. Don’t let your staff experience burnt-out and consider leaving their roles. Our consultant can help with tedious tasks such as internal audit and supplier approval programs, so your team focus on your operational needs.

Is SQF a global certification?

Being a GFSI recognized certification scheme, means SQF is globally recognized whether you are selling your food to North America, Asia, Africa, or Europe. SQF system is also on par with BRC, AIB, FSSC 22000, etc.

  • Widely recognized in North America
  • Simple, Flexible, and Easy to Customized

Food safety certification
Common Questions

Why is Important to have food safety certification such as HACCP and SQF?

Food Safety Certificate allows you to

  • Gain access to the “other side” of the market eg. the import/export market or to the larger retail store
  • Formalize your processes and reduce mistakes in day-to-day operations
  • Mitigate risks for COSTLY food withdrawal or recall
  • Meet regulatory requirements
What are the different food safety certifications?

There are many food safety certifications. If you are new to food safety certifications, here are few considerations that you should take into account when choosing a certification system:

  • Cost
  • Certification Requirements
  • Availability of auditors and in-house experts in your region
  • Customer expectation and requirements

Usually, you will go from a simple food safety plan to a HACCP-certified facility before moving to a GFSI certified facility. GFSI is the shortened word for Global Food Safety Initiatives, which benchmark the food safety certification programs such as SQF, FSSC 22000, BRC, IFS etc., to meet the GFSI requirements.

The benefit of having a GFSI benchmark certification is that it is globally recognized.

How often does the food safety certification have to be renewed?

All HACCP and GFSI certificates need to be renewed annually as there are many changes that occur during one year.

It is important to ensure that the programs are maintained regularly, and any flaws to the programs are identified earlier than later.

How do I find the information available to get certified?

Depending on the type of food safety certificate you are looking to obtain, you will either obtain the requirements from the certification body or from the individual GFSI program’s website.

For HACCP certification, you can obtain the information from the certification body as each certification body has its own set of requirements.

For GFSI certification, here are a few weblinks:

How long does it takes to get SQF certified?

To get certified, you must first develop a food safety program that meets the certification requirements.

We recommend implementation for at least 3 months before the initial certification.

At SFPM Consulting, we have helped our clients pass their first audit within two months (program development and implementation). 

How can SFPM Consulting helps with Food Safety Certification?

We offer full food safety program development and implementation packages. Here are a few ways that we can help

  • Food Safety Template
    • Our Easy to Use template meant to help you get to the Implementation step faster. No browsing through the net, just to find the information or getting writer blues.
  • Food Safety Program Development
    • Writing is not your specialties? No problem, we take care of your writer blues for you.
  • Food Safety Program Implementation and Support
    • Don’t know where and how to get started -Our client loves the reminder and support. Never miss any important due dates for your food safety program.
  • Audit Support
    • Nervous about your first audit. We are there for you.
  • Food Safety Training
    • We train your staff so that they can replace us and start building a SUSTAINABLE food safety management system.
    • Do you also know that the cost of hiring an employee breakeven at least after a year and the return on investment takes longer?
    • Keeping your staff satisfied and engaged helps you retain your return on investment.
The hidden benefit of food safety Certification

In short, food safety certification really helps you to build a food safety culture and organization culture -that helps you KEEP EMPLOYEES and BUILD YOUR FOOD BRAND.

How much are you willing to invest in your employees and your food brand? Is that reflected in your food safety program?

Still not convinced? Talk to us.


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