Let’s Talk about Traceability and Recall Masterclass

Let’s Talk about Traceability and Recall Masterclass

How to Effectively Set Up Your Traceability and Recall Program?

The average recall cost $10, 000, 000 plus the damage to the consumer health and a big dent in your food brand! Is it worth it?

In this workshop, we bring you what you need to know to set your traceability program correctly so you can get closed to 100% traceability recovery and reduce stress/ not panic when handling a recall?

Topics of discussion

What are the requirements for traceability and recall in Canada?

✓ What do you need to trace?

✓ What is product traceability code?

✓ Ways to Set up Lot Code

Withdrawal versus recall definition

✓ Steps that you need to take when handling a recall

What is Reconciliation?

✓ What to look for, when performing mock traceability?

Setting Up Recall Contact List

✓ Next step or action for your traceability and recall program?

Felicia Loo- SFPM Consulting
Our Speakers

Felicia Loo SQF Consultant

Felicia Loo
SQF Consultant. Specialize in assisting food manufacturers to meet food safety audit and regulatory requirements.

Let's Talk about Traceability and Recall Masterclass
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