Upcoming Training Opportunity

Monthly Speed Masterclass

SFPM Consulting is proud to present speed Masterclass sessions, whereby we will have a short 10 -15 minutes training, followed by a Q& A session, to help food safety professionals implement audit-ready food safety programs.

What is Speed Masterclass?

Speed Masterclass is our way of delivering short content and promote discussion to speed up learning and practical applications. We share 10-15 minutes of content and open the floor for discussion.

Here are a few topics for the upcoming sessions:

Dec 15, 2020: Tips for Setting Goals and Objectives

Jan 19, 2021: Differentiating Training Vs Competency

Feb 16, 2021: Overview on Food Safety Culture and what it meant for SQF 9.0 code

Mar 2021: TBA: Process Improvements


Small class setting (6-8 participants per class)


  • When you apply for the SFC license, you testify that you have a preventative control plan.
  • So, you must and need to show evidence that you have implemented the preventative control plan.
  • What if you are not familiar with the SFC requirements?
  • Or you do not have the expertise to develop and follow the SFC requirements.

This program is designed specifically to food manufacturer that is new to the concept of PCP and food safety program but need to comply with the CFIA SFCR requirements.


Week 1: SOP Development concept

Week 2 -4: Building and Premises

Week 5-6: Transportation, Purchasing, Receiving, Shipping and Transportation

Week 7: Equipment

Week 8: Personnel

Week 9: Allergen and foreign materials control

Week 10: Sanitation and Pest Control

4 week sessions of highly provocative and led discussion to speak about leadership and doing the right thing.

Week 1: Introduction to Food Safety Culture and relevance with SQF/ISO 22000

Week 2: The Role of Top Management and Basic of Leadership

Week 3: The Concept of Reward, Punishment and Alternatives

Week 4: How to Obtain Management Commitment? Leading without Title

Design specifically to assist SQF program SOP development and implementation, this training sessions aims to deliver usable and customized programs, at a fraction of the cost

SQF Program Development

Week 1: Management Commitment & Review, Complaint Management

Week 2: Product Development & Contract Manufacturer

Week 3: Food Legislation, Product Sampling and Analysis

Week 4: Non-conforming Product, Product Release & Rework

Week 5: Corrective Actions, Verification and Validation

Week 6: Product Identification /Traceability

Week 7: Crisis Management, Food Fraud, Food Defense (Brief discussion)

Week 8: Allergen Management, Training Program

Week 9: Premises and Building Construction

Week 10: Ventilation, Equipment and Utensils

Week 11: Repairs and Maintenance, Calibration

Week 12: Pest Prevention, Water, Ice and Gas

Week 13: Cleaning and Sanitation

Week 14: Personnel Hygiene and Welfare

Week 15: High-Risk Processes, Thawing and Control of Foreign Materials

Week 16: Storage and Transportation, Waste Management

Note: this training does not replace the formal SQF training.

SOP Development session with free food safety template.

Get started with ISO/FSSC 22000 program development with free food safety template, explained live on how to use.

ISO 22000

Week 1: Introduction to ISO 22000 terminologies (Hazards, Monitoring, Verification, Validations and PDCA cycle)

Week 2: Leadership and Defining Food Safety Policy

Week 3: Food Safety Management Planning

Week 4: Resource Management

Week 5: Competence and Awareness

Week 6: Communications, Records and Documentations

Week 7 and 8: Building Pre-requisite Programs

Week 9: Traceability/ Recall and Emergency Preparedness

Week 10: Control of Non-conforming Products and Process, Process Improvements

10-week sessions to learn about your products in a non-scientific method, food safety technologies and what it does to your food and conduct a proper R&D test efficiently.

Week 1 and 2: Food Science for the Non-Scientist (Understand your product with non-scientific terminology)

Week 3 and 4: Using technology for Food Safety, Preservation and Shelf Life

Week 5:            Qualifying Supplier, Intro to Food Fraud

Week 6 and 7: Product Development Process and Basic Project Management

Week 8 and 9: Planning Market Research and Shelf Life Testing

Week 10:          Nutritional Facts Table, Product Claims and Labelling