CFIA Food Label Resources

Are you a Food Business in Canada? - Check these Canadian Food Inspection Agency -CFIA food label resources

Explore Which Food Products Require A Label

Access general food labels, prepackaged food labels, and non-prepackaged food label requirements here. Find out what you need to comply with Canadian food labels.

What You Need to Know about Food Labelling and Advertising?

These include product names and product claims such as voluntary labeling information, claims, and statements. See examples of accurate, truthful, and not misleading information provided on food labels, as required by legislation.

New Requirement -Understand What True Nature Of Food Meant?

For any potential food names or claims that can be misleading, you must ensure they are properly described. Learn what the True Nature Of Food is and the essential food label qualities and food characteristics required.

Essential Allergen Food Labeling Tips

Check the various food labeling tips on how to prevent undeclared allergen recall such as how to identify allergens, how to prevent and control allergens, and most importantly, how to declare allergens in Canada.

Learn How To Label Allergens On Your Food Product

Allergens on your food product can impact consumers with food allergies. Know the common food allergies and related disorders in Canada.

Check These Food Labeling Requirements Off Your Checklist

Did you know that CFIA has a food label checklist for CFIA labeling requirements? The items on the CFIA food label checklist include the font size, nutrition facts table, bilingual requirements, and many more!

Don't Forget To Check Food Claims Based On Food Category Requirements

Access complete requirements for food label claims in Canada & check if your food products have specific food labeling requirements. Food categories with specific sub-categories such as meat, seafood, honey, etc. have additional food claim standards of identity and labeling requirements.