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Food safety is the solution for long-term ROI -it is saving and investment insurance. Food safety helps to protect your work, your brand and optimize your processes.
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Whatever stage you are at, we can help meet your goals of building a strong food brand and food safety programs.
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Building the best of the best food safety program and branding, that will deliver ROI

Building a Solid Food Safety Culture

SFPM Consulting is all about building a solid food safety program and food branding. We work with our clients as a team to ensure the company gets the most out of its food safety program.

Return on Investment for Your Food Safety Program

Contrary to common believes that food safety programs do not generate sales value, there are ways to optimize return on food safety programs.

We help food companies optimize their process and food safety program while building their food brand.

Food Marketing and the Paperwork

For Your Food Brand

There is no room for food recalls, food safety outbreaks, or customer complaints to ruin your hard-built trust. Utilize an effective food safety program to prevent and prove to your customers that you protect their interests.

Real solutions

Start today by using a pre-developed food safety program, procedures, and forms template.

Food safety and Branding is Our Passion

Do you know? An average food recall cost $10 million. Focusing on sales and marketing alone, can give you an immediate return on investment (ROI) but damage your brand and long-term ROI.
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Felicia Loo is a Certified Food Scientist (CFS) and Certified SQF Consultant. She has worked in quality assurance, regulatory, and product management for food and natural health products for the past 9 years. She has experience working with multiple food safety compliances and voluntary certification schemes such as SQFFSSC 22000, CFIA, Health Canada, Organic, Kosher, and Halal. Felicia has graduated from the University of British Columbia with BSc. in Food Science with a Minor in Commerce. 



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SFPM Consulting launch Client Exclusive Food Safety Training
SFPM Consulting launch Client Exclusive Food Safety Training
SFPM Client Exclusive Food Safety Training is here! We launch this training specifically for you. Did you know poorly trained staff contributes to low productivity and food safety and quality issues, Our training is cost-efficient, focuses on the requirements and action plan that you can take. Employee training doesn't need to be costly.
Setting Food Safety Objectives for SQF and beyond
Setting Food Safety Objectives for SQF and beyond
We've got lots of questions on how to set food safety objectives for SQF and food safety management systems. This blog shares quick guidance on setting food safety objectives -how to choose, get resources and stay accountable for your food safety objectives.