Food Safety Plan and Sanitation Plan

We don’t want to miss your restaurant opening date.

So when do you need a food safety plan?

Running a new restaurants or cafe? You were asked to create a food safety and sanitation plan BUT

  • You don’t know what it is or what to do?
  • No time!

We hear you! Getting the food safety and sanitation plan ready is vital to ensure that your restaurants are OPEN on schedule.

We don’t want to miss your restaurant opening date.

At SFPM Consulting– we help build food safety and sanitation plans in 7 days or less. We guarantee quality of our program and you will never pay more than the quote.

Why local restaurant choose us?

Fast Quality Services

  • Meet your deadline in 7 days or less.
  • Food Safety Plan Development
  • Sanitation Plan Development
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Accurate Plan with no automation

  • Automation is great but not in a plan that requires precision and deep analysis, for a WORKING food safety program
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Training Program Included

  • Our safety and sanitation plan come with an instructional training program so you know exactly what to do with your program and how it keeps working for local health officials.
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Our experts

Our team of professionals includes food safety consultants, auditors, and more.

Food We Work With

Cooked Foods

We help with anything from cooked ramen, fried chicken, burgers and poutine etc all the way to fried rice on the menu. Varieties of cuisine include Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Western, Northern and Southern Foods, etc.


Customized salad bars with protein options.

Sushi Restaurant

Food safety plan for sushi restaurants that include raw sushi and a varieties of sushi menus

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