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HACCP Consulting

Congratulations on being on this page.

Chances are you are here because

  • Your business is ready to upgrade from a GMP program or basic food safety plan to HACCP program. Congrats on your next step
  • You realize your food safety program needs a revamp to ensure that you are meeting the food safety requirements. Why are we congratulating you?
    • Congrats for realizing this. Many people didn’t realize the impact of food safety programs on their overall business operations and brand health.

Our Food Safety Story

While I worked with food manufacturers to build and implement their food safety programs, despite how long the company has been certified, the food safety team still faces challenges in managing their food safety programs. It might be a lack of the right personnel, resources, commitment etc.

I turned to myself and ask, what if I can provide these resources to food businesses that need my support? Thus, I started to provide consulting services to a food start-up and two years after, started my own consulting practices. The intention is simple -creating possibilities for smaller food businesses to access food safety consultant services, to build a strong food brand.

Our unique HACCP Consulting approach

Not just another HACCP consultant, I teach and build the HACCP programs with the intention that the business will not need me regularly. Two reasons, for cost-saving purposes and to instill the food safety culture at the plant. I believe in teaching food businesses to build and implement their own HACCP programs.

I can write a HACCP program for you but it probably wouldn’t be as great as we write them together.

In addition, I want to see you grow as SFPM Consulting grow.

HACCP Consultant Services

SFPM BenefitHow we help?

Our HACCP Consultation is framed to help you to:

  • Compliance: Meet + Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Efficiency: Work fewer hours — and make more money
  • Employee Retention: Attract and retain quality, high-paying employees
  • Program Improvement: Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Automation: Automate your food safety programs

ProcessHow we help?

Here is our processes

Strategy Development
Proposal for Strategy Implementation
Food Safety Program Development
Monthly Support
Food Safety Audit Support
Food Process Optimization

Example of what we can do for you

Building a food safety programs that works for you, is a challenge. Let us describe more. Many food safety consultants know how to build a generic SQF program. We built one that works for your process!

Here are our differences:

  • Incorporate current process into the procedures
  • Build an easy to use and follow, procedures and forms
  • Incorporate food safety improvement from Day 1
  • Our program development comes with food safety training

We can help with HACCP program development. Build one within 2-4 weeks time.

You have your HACCP program? That’s great!

A lot of time, it is not about writing and having a HACCP program. It is about IMPLEMENTATION. Do your staff know how to implement the food safety program EFFECTIVELY + EFFICIENTLY to ensure that you are audit ready.

  • Our monthly support program is here, to make sure you make the right implementation plan, guiding you through how to maintain your program. It is like having an in-house food safety expert at a fraction of the cost. 

Our client have tremendously benefited from learning the ins-and-out of how to manage HACCP program and be audit ready.You can too!

Need help to assess your HACCP program status. Our SFPM Consultant can help assess your program status so you can get ready for your HACCP audit.  This gap assessment can also serve as your facility Internal Audit.

Remember, the dready internal audit that no one wants to do? We can assist you to complete them. Completely independent and in an unbiased manner.

Designed and written by a Certified SQF Consultant, the HACCP program template is here to make your life easier for program development and upgrade!

Our HACCP Template have few benefits including

  • Over 40+ Procedures and 60+ Forms Templates to meet HACCP requirements
  • Cost effective
  • Comes with 1 hour complimentary consultation on how to customize your program
  • All resources used to build the template are included
  • Exclusive: Email reminder for program review and management are included with the bundle

Not ready for the bundle, checkout our specific program template on our website.

Coming up: Bundle with on-demand training, to help guide you to customize your HACCP program, while watching and following our guided training. It like having a consultant, walking you through how to create and develop a food safety programs. LEARN AND DEVELOP -think of it as the DIY version for food safety program.

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