Pass SQF Audit within 3 months for Beverage Facility

Gap Assessment and SQF Consultation for BeverageHighlights

Food Beverage
Sept 2022
SQF Gap Assessment; HACCP, CFIA PCP Plan, US FSMA Plan Development and SQF Consultation
Our Role
Food Safety Consultant

Client Inquiry

The Client would like to go forward with SQF due to customer requirements to access distribution in the US in 3 months. The client has recently passed their HACCP audit.

The client is nervous about passing their SQF audit and have a tight time frame to pass their audit.

Our Work

SQF Gap Assessment:

We have conducted many program reviews for many food facilities and typically find that there are discrepancy between the requirements and documentation. Therefore, we typically start with a gap assessment.

Although the client has a HACCP plan and recently passed their HACCP audit, our gap assessment indicated that the HACCP plan is not effectively written and not in compliance with SQF edition 9 requirements.

Next Step: Program Development

We delivered the gap assessment report with a comprehensive recommendation on how to improve their procedures to comply with SQF requirements.

Client has chosen to use our SQF template to build their food safety procedures while entrusting us to build their HACCP plan, US FSMA plan and Canadian SFCR Preventive Control Plan.

We also assist our client by supporting them using the template to build their food safety procedures.

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