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One of our founder, Felicia Loo’s favourite word is OPTIMIZE.

We have 24 hours in our day and spend about 8 hours at works (you know, we spent more than 8 hours especially when it comes to audit seasons). If we kept living the same routine and not using technological advancement to optimize our processes, we are not doing ourselves a favour.

Introducing Food Safety Automation and Software.

That’s why we partner with the GFSC Group to bring you a food safety programs that are automated with unlimited users, to ensure that

  • Everyone, not just the QA department are hold accountable
  • we automate tasks creation, closure and follow up
    • so that QA department and team can focus on risk assessment, important decision making and analysis
    • reduce dependency on QA team’s presence
  • we are aligned to modern audit strategy, where documents are available 24/7 and accessible when we need them.
    • no more searching and flipping paper
    • get documents and trends within few clicks

We focus on optimizing food safety program and procedures so that you can focus on your projects and do what you do best -creating and selling SAFE and QUALITY foods.


You can use this for

HACCP Program
GFSI program such as SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000
Canadian SFCR PCP program
US FSMA Program

Benefit of Automation

  • Set it & let the program runs by its own
  • No need for a written to-do list

    • Get reminders when tasks are scheduled, due and completed
  • Reduce back and forth
  • Focus on important management tasks

Benefit of the GFSC Food Safety Software

  • Cost effective
  • Unlimited users -so you can put anyone accountable

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