Gap Assessment and Internal Audit

SFPM Consulting provides gap assessment and internal audit services.

Why Perform Gap Assessment and Internal Audit?

It is important to perform gap assessments and internal audits to assess your food safety program regularly. This step is very important because it helps you to

  • Assess your audit readiness
  • Assess any gaps to ensure that your food safety program does not turn into a business risk
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements.
  • Helps your team to understand what is required in food safety management programs
  • Optimize your food operations


Our Food Safety Management Story

While I worked with food manufacturers to build and implement their food safety programs, despite how long the company has been certified, the food safety team still faces challenges in managing their food safety programs. It might be a lack of the right personnel, resources, commitment etc.

I turned to myself and asked, what if I can provide these resources to food businesses that need my support? Thus, I started to provide consulting services to a food start-up and started my own consulting practices two years later. The intention is simple -creating possibilities for smaller food businesses to access food safety consultant services to build a strong food brand.

Our unique Consulting approach

Not just another food safety consultant, SFPM Consultant teach and build your food safety programs with the intention that you will not need us regularly. Two reasons for cost-saving purposes and to instill the food safety culture at the plant.


Our founder, Felicia Loo believes in empowering and building employees, to build a sustainable food safety program and food brand.

SQF Consultant Services

Benefit of SFPM Consultant

Our SQF Consultation is framed to help you to:

  • Compliance: Meet + Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Efficiency: Work fewer hours — and make more money
  • Employee Retention: Attract and retain quality, high-paying employees
  • Program Improvement: Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Automation: Automate your food safety programs

ProcessHow we help?

Here is our processes

Strategy Development
Proposal for Strategy Implementation
Food Safety Program Development
Monthly Support
Food Safety Audit Support
Food Process Optimization

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