Spices Repackaging Facility Food Safety Program Development

Spices Repackaging FacilityHACCP Plan and SQF Program Development

Spices Repackaging Facility, Victoria BC
Aug 2021
HACCP and SQF Program Development
Our Role
Food Safety Consultant

Spices Repackaging

SQF Program Development

Development of  SQF Program within 4 weeks







The client has very basic food safety plan that meets BC food safety plan. The plan does not follow through HACCP program.

HACCP pre-requisite programs implementation are not established and require updates and strengthening.


Felicia helped the spices repackaging facility with a quick gap assessment and explaining the food safety programs that they need before starting the program development to meet SQF edition 9 requirements.

In 4 weeks time, we helped our client to develop procedures and form template for SQF 9 requirements. Further, assisting our clients through video call, on how to use procedures and the forms.

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