Achieve SQF Animal Foods Certification

Achieve SQF Animal Foods Certificationwithin 5 months

Dog Treats Manufacturer
May 2023
SQF Development and Implementation
Our Role
Food Safety Consultant

Client Inquiry

Our client, a pet food company based in Nanaimo, had ambitious plans to expand its market reach by selling products in the United States. However, to achieve this goal, they faced a significant hurdle – obtaining SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification in as little time as possible. SQF certification is a critical requirement for expand their market. Our client reached out to us for assistance, knowing that they had to navigate a tight timeline and had limited understanding of the SQF standards.


  1. Tight Timeline: The client was under pressure to pass SQF certification within a short time frame as soon as possible. This was an especially challenging deadline for a company that had no prior experience with SQF.
  2. Building from Scratch: The client had no existing SQF program or framework in place. They were essentially starting from scratch, which required significant effort and expertise.
  3. Limited SQF Understanding: The client’s team had very little time to learn about SQF program. They would like to work with a consultant that can provide guidance and support at every step of the process.

Our Approach

To address these challenges and help our client achieve SQF certification, we implemented a comprehensive strategy:

  1. Building a Food Safety Plan: We began by developing a tailored food safety plan that aligned with the SQF standards. This plan served as the foundation for the client’s certification journey.
  2. Procedures and Forms Template: Recognizing the need for efficiency, we provided the client with a set of procedures and forms templates that were SQF-compliant. This saved them valuable time in document creation.
  3. Guiding the Client: Our team provided continuous guidance and support to the client throughout the implementation process. We conducted regular meetings and training sessions to ensure they understood and followed the SQF requirements.
  4. On-Site Assessment and Inspections: We assisted the client in preparing for on-site assessments and inspections. This involved thorough reviews of their facility and processes to identify and address potential non-compliance issues.
  5. Weekly Implementation Support: To keep the project on track, we offered weekly implementation support. This ensured that the client’s SQF program was steadily progressing toward compliance.

SFPM Consulting Result

Through our collaborative efforts and the client’s commitment, we achieved the following outcomes:

  1. SQF Certification: The pet food company successfully pass their SQF certification within the demanding 5-month timeframe, allowing them to grow and expand their market.
  2. Increased Confidence: The client’s team gained a deep understanding of the SQF standards and developed confidence in their ability to manage their SQF program independently.
  3. Audit Readiness: By actively participating in on-site assessments and inspections, the client was well-prepared for their SQF audit. They managed the audit process with confidence and competence.

Our strategic guidance, templates, and ongoing support not only helped the client meet their tight deadline but also empowered them to maintain a high level of food safety compliance.

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