Urgent Assistance for BC Food Safety Plan Approval

Build and Help Restaurant pass BC Food Safety Planwithin 3 days

Restaurant and Bar
Oct 2022
BC Food Safety Plan
Our Role
Food Safety Consultant

Client Inquiry

Our client has previously submitted the food safety plan to the health inspectors, but the food safety plan was rejected due to inaccurate information.

It can often get confusing on how to write a food safety and sanitation plan.

The client urgently needed the food safety plan to get the health approval and business license.

Our client has reached out to us for assistance in developing a food safety and sanitation plan for various foods such as salad, toast, desserts etc.

Our Work and Result.

We helped our clients to build compliant food safety plan and sanitation plan within 3 days.

They passed the health inspector’s document reviews in less than a week. Saving tremendous amount of time, going back and forth with the inspectors to correct the food safety plan.

Looking to get your food safety plan done in as little as 3 business days

We specialize in building food safety and sanitation plan for new food business