2024 Accredited HACCP Training

SFPM Consulting provide affordable live zoom HACCP training

2024 Accredited HACCP Training

Anyone asked about HACCP training and why HACCP is still relevant for 2024?

We have been discussing HACCP since I was in the food industry, which tells you my age. We are all wiser, like the aged cheese.

Nevertheless, despite the many regulatory changes we have experienced over the last few years, HACCP remains very relevant.

HACCP is the fundamentals of food regulatory risk assessment and mitigation foundations for the US Food Safety and Modernization Act and the Safe Food for Canadian Regulations.

Many folks in the food industry have challenges with understanding how the HACCP plan works and what is wrong with their HACCP plan because they have very little exposure to the HACCP plan. When we work with our client, we want to ensure they walk away with valuable information they can use for their food operations.

Let’s dive into the essence of the HACCP training. To get started, please fill up this Training Request Form

Charging you an arm and leg for the course is not what we do! You save as our client –Alright, maybe we will throw in a free HACCP training for you too! We care for our support clients. 

What Do You Get with Our HACCP Implementation Fundamental Training?

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the HACCP principles and basic pre-requisite programs you need to support the HACCP program and implementation.

The course will cover the following:

  • HACCP fundamentals, including design and implementation considerations;
  • The benefits of using HACCP systems
  • The relationship between HACCP and pre-requisite programs;
  • how to identify critical control points (CCPs) for each hazard identified and establish monitoring procedures at each CCP
  • Food safety hazards associated with various food types, production processes, storage conditions, etc
  • Risk assessment techniques for determining how much control is needed to manage risk adequately

Why work with Felicia Loo for HACCP Training?

We recognize that many people in the industry are new to the food manufacturing industry, and we want to make this training not just something that you need to take as an HACCP Coordinator or SQF Practitioner.

We want to ensure you understand the fundamentals of food safety, and we tailored our course to help you grasp the concepts of food safety and HACCP. We can only do this by working directly with you to teach you these concepts.

Here are some real, unedited testimonials from real people regarding working with Felicia Loo directly for our HACCP training

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Who should take this HACCP Training?

  • Anyone likely to participate in developing, implementing and reviewing HACCP plans; or would like to further their knowledge in food safety risk assessment.
  • Food Processor
  • HACCP Coordinator
  • HACCP Team Leader
  • Operational Team
  • QA Technician who wishes to skill up and become HACCP Coordinator
  • Food business owner managing your food safety programs
HACCP Training Day 1
  • Introduction and Introduction to HACCP
  • HACCP Principles and Application
  • HACCP Prerequisite and SSOPs
  • Hazards: Introduction
  • Getting Started with HACCP and the 5 Initial Steps
  • HACCP Principle 1: Conduct Hazard Analysis
HACCP Training Day 2
  • HACCP Principle 2: Determine Critical Control Point
  • HACCP Principle 3: Establish Critical Limits
  • HACCP Principle 4: Monitoring Critical Control Point
  • HACCP Principle 5: Establish Corrective Actions
  • HACCP Principle 6: Establish Verification (and Validation)
  • HACCP Principle 7: Establish Record-Keeping Procedure
  • Setting HACCP for Success
  • HACCP & Regulatory Requirements

Why choose us for your HACCP Training?

  • Affordable cost
  • Recognized by the International HACCP Alliance. That means you will be able to use this for your HACCP audit or GFSI audit, such as SQF audit
  • Small group training
  • Our clients get free or discounted HACCP training
  • Downloadable HACCP template to get you started with HACCP program development

Public Pricing: CAD 797 plus applicable tax.

Limited time DISCOUNT -CAD 697 plus applicable tax.

Upcoming Public HACCP Training Dates

Jun 26 and 27, 2024
Aug 29 and 30, 2024
Oct 21 and 22, 2024

Discounted or free HACCP training options are also available for clients only. You can fill out this training request form to inquire how to become our client.

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