SFCR PCP Plan for Dressing and Sauces Facility

SFCR PCP Plan for Dressing and Sauces Facility

Nutritional Yeast Dressing Facility
Aug 2021
PCP Program Development, Maintenance and Operations Program Development
Our Role
Food Safety Consultant

PCP Plan Development

PCP Plan Development

  • Customized PCP Plan Development
  • Customized Traceability Plan Development
  • Customized Customer Protection Plan
  • Supportive Maintenance and Operations of Establishment program development
  • Training on how to implement PCP plan and supportive programs







The Nutritional Yeast Facility expands their facility, growing from working in a commissary to building their own facility in Vancouver Island.

As their operations have grown, the existing BC food safety plan is unable to support their regulatory obligations for SFCR requirements. SFC license and PCP plan are required for the food products to be sold out of BC province and across Canada.

Results/ Benefits

We built an SFCR PCP Plan for Dressing and Sauces Facility within 4 weeks.

We have built the following programs that will help with compliance with food regulatory but also, for the client to move forward with future food safety certification such as HACCP certification or SQF certification.

  • Customized Preventive Control Plan, Traceability Plan, Customer Protection Plan
  • Maintenance of Establishment and Operations program to support PCP plan implementation
    • SFCR Procedures and Forms Template

We also deliver training on how to implement the PCP plan and supportive programs

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