Cold Storage and Distribution SQF Program Development

Cold Storage and Distribution SQF Program Development

Cold Storage and Distribution Facility
Apr 2021 to current
HACCP and SQF Program Development, Monthly Food Safety Implementation Support, Food Safety Training
Our Role
Food Safety Consultant


The client has some food safety procedures that they have implemented but has not documented. There is no specific staff on-site that manages the food safety program alone. The site is very clean and organized.

The Food Storage and Distribution facility needed the SQF program to meet their customer expectation and committed to building and implementing SQF programs that would work for them.

The challenges are to develop programs that meet SQF expectations and fit into the scope of the facility. The client solely received, store and distribute food products and doesn’t work with exposed food products. In addition, the facility employs an SQF coordinator, who is learning to manage the food safety programs.


We build the SQF procedures and forms template, and proceed with training the facility’s staff on the Good Distribution Practices and managing the food safety risks in the facility.

We support our clients through weekly call and on-site visit, to assist with their SQF program implementation and maintenance.

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