Top 3 Food Safety Management System Trends for 2022

We talk a lot about food trends. This year, I thought I would like to write about something different -let’s talk about Top 3 Food Safety Management System Trends for 2022 for us, at SFPM Consulting!

Trend #1: Paper is Old. Digitalization is Real!

First off, the paper is old. With the upwards trends for sustainability, we at SFPM Consulting are transitioning towards paperless solutions. While we can’t completely get off paper, we are supporting less printing and using more digital copy.

This is what you should know! Both paper copies or soft copies can be used as a record. You can keep a soft copy or hard copy. Just know where and how to retrieve them!

Digitalization helps in many ways -keep the paperwork together, provide reminders and keep track of overdue tasks. My best automation task is definitely supplier approval management. I spent endless hours managing spreadsheets when I first started as a quality assurance technician and the automation just took that away. Automated email reminders and keep track of the documents that you receive.

If you haven’t tried this automation yet, you are missing out. If you are seeking a cost-effective solution, we also collaborate with the GFSC Group to provide a cost-effective food safety management system. All with no restriction on the number of users! Mention us for a special discount or have us, book a no-obligation demo for you.

We totally get it when it comes to having employees who prefer pen and paper. We used to be working with some too! If you are thinking that it is impossible to move to a digital copy, know that there are many strategies that you can use to help your employees to move to digital copy. Use a combination of hard copy and soft copy during the transition! It helps to transition slowly.

Oh, by the way, have you tried our automated calendar-booking? It is really cool and easy to use, simply find a date and time that works for you (automatically show your time zone), and enter your details. You are booked and it sends you a calendar invite with the Zoom link. What a wonderful tool right?

Trend #2: Online Support and Training

We at SFPM Consulting, run 90% of our work from off-site locations, saving our customers, thousand of dollars plus you get to access our expertise as early as the next day, based on our appointment system. Our customer in Ontario connects with us in less than 24 hours. Our customer in Malaysia booked us for a consultancy within 48 hours, which you will never be able to get around if we use the traditional on-site consultancy. Plus, the travel cost and the unnecessary burdens of booking a flight.

We are so proud to be able to support our clients in a global setting, low footprint and when they need us, the most.

We trust in the importance of training so much that we included a training session in most of our program development projects. It is not just about writing, it is about supporting food businesses to run these programs.

We have run few training in 2021, collaborating with BC Food Technologist and Everest 23. It is our way to reach out and give back to the community that supported us. All our proceed from this training are donated to our partner’s local food bank and Vancouver Food Bank. We will continue to be providing training sessions in 2022 while collecting donations for the Vancouver Food Bank or our farming communities.

Trend #3: Competency-based Training

We all go through few training in our career as food safety professionals. How many of these training do we really use on a day-to-day basis or do we get it the first time, we try to use them?

Introducing competency-based training that helps food safety professionals learn how to build food safety plans, manage their food safety systems or write a good food safety report. Think of it as guided and supportive training, for our future food safety professionals.

We see these gaps and we continue to strive to fill these by providing action-based training programs to support our clients through our training platform so they could learn about what they need to do and what to look for, in each element of the food safety management system.

These training programs are designed to be on-demand and with face-to-face elements, that can help promote learning and building competency for new food professionals and businesses.

There you go, the Top 3 Food Safety Management System Trends for 2022 that we are looking forward to. If any of these trends are of interest to you, be sure to connect with us. Love to hear your thoughts or if you have a proposal to work together.

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