Upgrade Food Safety Programs with IAF BC Food Safety Grants

Food Safety Grants

Food safety grants are not something common but they are excellent resources to upgrade our food safety program. Over-reliance on grants to improve your food safety program can delay your business operations goals, eg, going into retail or delaying the resolution to your food safety risk. Please be mindful of these.

Food safety upgrades protect consumers and help businesses maintain their reputation and comply with regulations. However, implementing these upgrades can be costly, especially for small-scale operations. That’s where the IAF BC Food Safety Grants come in.

The IAF BC Food Safety Grants program offers funding for food safety upgrades for both on-farm and post-farm operations. This means that growers, packers, ranchers, processors, packagers, warehousing, transporting, distributing, and importing operations can all benefit from this program.

The IAF BC Food Safety Grants program offers cost-shared funding for eligible activities under three categories. Each eligible participant can receive up to a total funding limit of $25,000 during the program term, which ends on March 31, 2026.

However, it’s important to note that funding is not guaranteed, as it depends on the availability of funds.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the funding is fully committed. We recommend you submit your completed application as soon as possible to increase your chances of securing funding.


To apply for the grants, follow these steps

Step 1: Apply for Food Safety Grants

Review your eligibility for food safety grants and complete basic information regarding your food business and food safety programs.

They are very easy and straightforward. Need help? We only help our client to review the grant application.

The program operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s crucial to be specific and prompt in your application. Once submitted, your application will undergo a screening and review process.

Step 2: Work with the IAF BC advisor

When the grant is accepted, you will be contacted by the advisors to plan for the next step. Typically, we see requirements for gap assessment before a full food safety program update leading to full audit certification.

Yes, you can use this food safety grant to obtain food safety certifications such as HACCP certification and SQF certification.

Step 3: Work with Us to Plan and Implement Your Regulatory and Retail Compliance

Felicia Loo is one of the pre-approved Accredited Food Safety Professionals and we can assist you to provide a quote to fully support you through the grant application process.

Find a Time with Felicia Loo and we will help you plan for your food certification timeline and the required food safety programs for your business. This grant covers most of our costs. This means you’ll pay a fraction of the cost to get into retail if you act now!

When we work with you, we build a food safety program that is robust to include both regulatory and retail requirements. We know how important it is to go to the retailers with valid food safety certifications for you within your timeline.

P.S Don’t forget to download our guide for your food safety certification success: