Importance of Automating The Food Safety Management System?

Is Automating The Food Safety Management System A Time Saver?

How many of you like and enjoy doing work? How many of you have free time to work? Or would you rather focus on the most important things?

In 2021, there are so many ways that you can get the computer, internet, and software to do your work efficiently so you get to slack…. hmmm.. the better word is “focus” on the most important tasks.

Have you used any automation tools in your life?
Let’s try the common automation tools on your email. Auto-response for your vacation. It automatically returns the email to the sender, informing you that you are on vacation.

On our website, you will see an automatic help button. The help button allows you to reach out to our staff, who can help you find the information that you need. It is really cool -try it out!

Google Forms is another good one. Automatically capture survey and information, for you to review. Set it up, get the shared link, share and promote and get the result.

What’s your best food safety management system feature that you like or are using?
The best feature for me to automate the food safety management system is supplier management program automation. I used to spend hours and hours, sending and tracking who owe me the supplier questionnaires. Not fun! It is boring and there is no value-added for tracking purposes. What my client and myself are using now is the automation tools that know and automatically send an email to our suppliers to request expired information.

It saves me literally 15 minutes per supplier and additional 5 minutes per ingredient on average, plus I don’t have to worry about missing a supplier or an ingredient’s specification. For 20-30 facilities and 100 products, I save a minimum of 800 minutes, just on the supplier information requests. Maintaining the log is an additional time-saving. It even generates the supplier approval log. Less brain power but more work done!

The best thing of all, the software that I am currently using cost way lesser than other competitors and cover multiple users so everyone can get access. This is very important for me because I wanted all the food safety team members and department managers to be responsible for their own food safety procedures.

Get Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions done by other departments and not just Quality Assurance. You don’t have to remember who owes you a CAPA report -the software will tell you and they cannot run away. Awesome feature right? Imagine no chasing -only stating the facts and reporting during your SQF Management Meeting. Pretty cool!

So, do you have any features that you like in your food safety management system, that you like to share? Drop us a comment on the contact us page.

If you want to know how you can save more (more importantly, your brainpower), please contact us to book a demo. We have special deals with our software providers that provide you with an extra discount, only if you book with us. Even if you don’t intend to buy it, you must see how this software can change your world!