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Key Documents:

  1. Step by Step Food Safety and Sanitation Development Workbook
  2. Generic Program Procedure (Receiving, Storage, Cooking, Frying, Cooling, Hot Holding, Storage, Shipping)
  3. Generic Form Template (Receiving, Storage, Cooking, Frying, Cooling, Hot Holding, Storage, Shipping)


  • Application forms for Fraser Health
  • Food Safety Critical Limit Reference
  • Food Label Instruction and Requirements
  • SFCR introduction resources
  • Getting ready from basic food safety program to HACCP program

Over 40 pdf reference documents  available

  • Step-by-step to help you understand what is needed for a food safety and sanitation plan
  • Ready to use program and form template, that is easily customized
  • Forms for application submission provided with instruction (Fraser Health submission)
  • For:
    • New food business owner (cafe, restaurant, commissary, manufacturer) looking for step-by-step guidance or partially completed food safety template to meet BC provincial health requirements
    • Suitable for cooked food products, simple packaging and repackaging processes

    Not for:

    • Those looking for high-risk processes such as canning, bottling, juicing, pasteurization. Please inquire about a customized food safety plan. Book a meeting: https://calendly.com/felicialoo

30 minutes remote Food Safety and Sanitation Plan review, to help proofread your critical limit process. Must be pre-booked within one month of purchase.

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